Other Work Performed

  • Rehabilitation of 32 "Heat Exchangers" of HVDC thyristor tanks (with replacement of 1550 new bronze tubes in each exchanger)

  • Rehabilitation of the "Cooling Tower" of HVDC thyristor tanks.

  • Supply and installation of "on-line digital metering for analysis of gases inside converter transformers"

Supply of 

  • 245 kV isolation insulation

  • 245 kV voltage transformers

  • Surge Arrestors for HVDC

  • ​ Installation of 3 new "Converting Transformers of 107 MVA 535/600 kV", each weighing 143 tons.

2012 - 2014
  • Replacement of the 6 "Smoothing Reactors" (HVDC smoothing reactors 535 kV) of the 2 Poles, for new and modern coils. (Each coil weighs 25 tons.)

Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa

Rehabilitation of the Songo Substation


The Project of modernizing is underway and involves the rehabilitation of main gates, converting transformers of the Songo Substation, the protection of transmission lines against pollution and erosion from flooding as well as the increase of power availability. Below you can read about Tecnel Service involvement in the Songo Substation at HCB.

Songo Substation (HCB) - Installation of Smoothing Reactors (2014)

Work currently in progress (2016 - 2017)

Design, supply and installation of “Automatic Fire Sprinkler System", for converting transformers including water tanks and pumping station.

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