Other Work Performed

2013 - 2014
  • Medicine Block - Supply and assembly of a 315kVA generator set including installation of underground low voltage cables.

2005 - 2006 
  • Maternity Block - Supply and assembly of a 200kVA generator set including installation of low voltage underground cables.​

  • Emergency Room, Pediatric and Operative Block - Supply and assembly of three generator sets of 2x350kVA and 1 x 400kVA, including the installation of underground low voltage cables.​

All works listed above were Turnkey projects including staff training to operate with the installed generator sets.

Central Hospital Maputo

Electrical System Rehabilitation (Turnkey project)

The rehabilitation project is underway and aims to modernize and improve the electric power supply system at Maputo Central Hospital.

Following is Tecnel Service's involvement in the modernization and improvement of the Electrical System of the Central Hospital of Maputo is detailed below.

Central Hospital of Maputo - Installation of Generator set, Distribution Cabinet and Minisubtation

Work currently in progress (2016 - 2017)

  • Rehabilitation of distribution boards. Supply and assembly of new Minisubstations of 1000 kVA 11 / 0.4kV, 800kVA 11 / 0.4kV, 630kVA 11 / 0.4kV and 500kVA 11 / 0.4kV. Supply and installation of electric wall-mounted distribution boards, ground mounter distribution cabinets, generator sets, including the replacement of power lines by with larger ones to increase supplied power capacity.

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