Low, Medium  and High Voltage Equipment


Tecnel Service supplies a vast range of Low Voltage (LV), Medium Voltage and High Voltage (HV) equipment and accessories.

We carry stock and supply as per customer’s specification, please find the resume of products we supply below:

LV Equipment and Accessories:
  • Fuses

  • Fuse Bases

  • ​Circuit Breakers

  • Contactors

  • Copper Busbars

  • Earthing Equipment

  • Photocells/Relays

  • Cables

  • Batteries and Chargers(Backups for             Substations and Power Plants)

​ MV Equipment and Accessories:
  • Fuses

  • Dropouts

  • Surge Arrestors

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Disconnectors

  • Insulators

  • Relays

  • Cables

  • RMU (Ring Main Unit)

  • Terminal Kits

  • Junction Kits

  • Current Transformers

Couldn’t find the type of equipment or accessory you are looking for?


Please submit your enquiry and other questions regarding supply and/or installation of LV, MV and HV Equipment and Accessories. Please contact our Sales Department following the button below.

HV Equipment and Accessories:
  • Surge Arrestors

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Disconnectors

  • Insulators

HV Disconnectors for exterior use

HV Circuit Breakers for exterior use

MV & HV current transformers for exterior use

LV Fuses

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